A young Cherokee boy must go through a ritual in order to prove he is worthy to be called a young brave as well as a young man. Before he enters this ritual, he must vow not to tell any of the other children in the tribe what transpired in the ritual. Here is a boy between 12 and 14, made to realize that he is taking a most secret and sacred oath. Once he agrees, the ritual begins.

It is nighttime, and in total darkness, hand-in-hand with his father, he enters the deep woods. His father blindfolds him completely and sits him down on a log. He says to him, “Son, I am sitting you down on this log and again do you vow not to take this blindfold off until you see and sense daylight coming through the blindfold? Lastly, I will be leaving you here all alone. Do you understand what I just said?”

He ponders his father’s thoughts, and though hesitant, he answers, “Yes, Dad.”

The father leaves. And sitting on a log in the middle of the forest, with no weapons but only his faith, he spends the night listening to the rustle of the trees and the bushes and wondering what fate will befall him. He hears the night sounds of the animals and again, has no weapon to defend himself but his faith.

The night is long, it never seems to end. As morning approaches, the sounds of the deep forest begin to subside. And then it happens, he begins to sense sunlight coming through his blindfold. He then takes off his blindfold and is immediately awestruck. Sitting a few yards away from him is his father! His father never left him! He was there to protect him, if needed. The young boy has proven his manhood, and now can be recognized as a brave.

How many times have we sat seemingly alone with all our troubles, regardless of what they are, not wanting to share them with anyone? You try to work out these troubles by yourself. Like the young faithful Indian boy, unbeknownst to him, he has his father close.

And you have ABBA, our Father, who is there to help you through your troubles. We walk in faith, not in sight.”

Alleluia!!!  A.M.D.G