Something interesting happened this past weekend to prompt me to write this blog. First I just finished reading the book, A More Perfect Union, authored by Ben Carson, MD. As you probably remember, he ran for the office of the presidency on the Republican ticket.

Secondly it was the Fourth of July. The reading of his book could not have happened at a better time. In it, the good doctor gives an excellent understanding of the Constitution and the reason it was written as such. It should be mandatory reading for every student in high school.

Presently, as you well can understand, there seems to be a lot of discussion about what is right with this country and— equally importantly—what is wrong with it. There seems to be distrust of our government and people are somewhat concerned.

we_the_peopleBut guess what? When push comes to shove, we unite! We are a nation of many faiths: Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hinduism and the list goes on.  And yes, we are also non-believers or agnostics. We are native-born, we are legalized immigrants, we are Democrats, we are Republicans, we are independents and we are no party. We are laborers, we are CEOs, we are rich, we are poor, we are middle class. We come from many walks of life. We are all of the above and much more.

But come July 4th, we all come together and unite to celebrate the birthday of our great nation. Let any person or nation try to disrupt and destroy the diversity of our country, and especially our constitution, and we will stand to protect both. That is what the Fourth is all about.

We are not a perfect union, but as the Constitution says, “We the people, (remember all of the above) in order to form a more perfect union…”

We are a work in progress, and slowly but surely, we are getting there. Just look how far we have progressed over the last few hundred years! And as the old saying goes, “Rome was not built in a day.”

GOD Bless America, land that I love.

Be a proud American!!!