Shortly after Lent, I met a young person who described to me what she does during the season of fasting, a very spiritual and holy season. I must say it was a very interesting discussion.

empty_plateBy her demeanor, I could tell she was very devoted to her faith. Obviously, her meals are contained during the season. Only one full meal at the end of the day. Medical conditions and/or other conditions such as old age can override the practice. This is also a time when she reflects on any sinful behavior that she has committed, such as lying and lack of compassion against her fellow human beings.

She fervently prays for forgiveness. It is a time to cleanse the soul. Prayers are very important during this period. It is also a time to show sympathy to those in need. Charitable works are in order, such as almsgiving and concern for those who need help, especially those in the community. In those instances, you visibly see the requirement for compassion and resources. It is a blessed journey you are on during this season.

And at the end of the fasting period, a gala affair with friends and family and sumptuous food takes place to celebrate their spiritual rebirth. It is a time of joy.

I surmise that you may believe that this young lady was talking about the Lenten season. Guess what? She is not! She is a devout Muslim, and is talking about Ramadan, the season she is in right now. Wow! Is it not amazing how similar it is to Lent? Just like Lent, Christians do similar practices to renew their spiritual lives.

So, next time you see a practicing Muslim, wish them well. We both worship the same God (there is only one, after all). We all are cut from the same cloth. Small world isn’t it?

Allah Mashala!!   Vaya Con Dios!! Go with GOD!!