This May is very special in the eyes of the Christian community. It is the month in which one of the miracles of the faith happened. One hundred years ago on May 13, 1917, the Blessed Virgin Mary first appeared to the three children of Fatima. It was the first of six visits.

Fatima children

(CNS photo) Jacinta Marto, 7, Francisco, 9, and their cousin Lucia dos Santos, 10, were photographed during the time of the apparitions in 1917.

These children had a difficult time convincing the people that they saw and talked with Mary.  Most people thought they were just childhood religious fantasies. Still, the crowds continued to watch the children on ensuing visits of the Blessed Virgin.

When the children told the Blessed Virgin, people did not believe and were skeptical. She said, “Tell them to be here on Oct. 13 and I will give them their miracle.”

Oct. 13 arrived along with a crowd of approximately 70,000 anxious people. They were all soaked to the skin because of heavy rains. The ground was a muddy mess. Then, after a sign from the Blessed Virgin, the children asked the throng of people to look up at the sky.

The continuous rain halted, the sky was opened and the sun shone brightly. People stared without blinking in amazement as it zigzagged and danced throughout the sky. And then it was gone. The people, though they stared at the sun, had no problems with their eyes. In addition, their bodies, their clothing and the ground beneath them was completely dry. The Blessed Virgin gave the people their miracle. That day many confirmed their faith and non-believers were brought into the faith.

We all know the story of the Apostle St. Thomas, who was not at the first meeting after the resurrection, where Christ appeared to the Apostles.  When he heard the story, he said to the Apostles, “I will not believe until I am able to place my hand in his side.” On a subsequent visit by Christ, Jesus invited him to do so.

Pope Francis once pointed out that although Thomas doubted, he is also the first in Scripture to proclaim Christ’s divinity, as upon encountering Jesus, he fell to his knees saying, “My Lord and my God.” There are people today who deny that Fatima was a miracle; they say it was a natural phenomenon. Again, more doubters.

To me, the question they cannot answer is the following: Here are three children who are not the least bit educated in the natural sciences. They are given the date of Oct. 13 by the Blessed Virgin and she requests that they tell the crowd they will have their miracle. Oct. 13 arrives and the miracle happens! That is the miracle no one talks about!

This month, pay homage to your faith. Say a rosary, say a prayer and believe. The miracle of Fatima is not just some religious hocus-pocus, but is validated by actual accounts of people who were there. Google it, and you will have all the proof you need to erase any doubts you may have.

A.M.D.G.  Alleluia!!!

Francesco Scicchitano