A few weeks ago at Holy Cross Church, we attended a function. It was the blessing of marriages and the renewal of marriage vows. It was attended by approximately 20 married couples, who had been married anywhere from wedding-vow-renewal-dfwa very few years to as many as 60 years.

It was held in the chapel, a small enough setting that you could see the interactions of most of the couples. One of the younger couples, Megan and her husband, was asked to give a talk on their relationship. It was touching to see them exchange glances during their talk. You just knew they were communicating the same message to each other without saying a word.

This struck me as a special gift that exists in marriages. But to see it done in front of all those in attendance was touching. And I believe that when others noticed what I had noticed, it reminded them of this special gift. To hear a young couple express their love to a group is something beautiful, but more importantly something spiritual.

Father then gave us a blessing and asked us all to face one another to repeat our marriage vows in concert with the other couples. It was quite a site to see, and a spiritual one at that. I distinctly remember looking into my wife Marie’s eyes as we both renewed our vows. A rush came over me. It took me back in time—not only to when we took our vows for the first time, but also to the time we met. It reminded me of the song from the musical South Pacific,sung by Enzio Piza. If I may, it went something like this:

“Some enchanted evening, you may see a stranger.
You may see a stranger, across the crowded room.
And somehow you know, you know even then,
that somewhere, you’ll see her again.
Who can explain it? No one can tell you why.
Fools give you reasons, wise men never try.”

I have no doubt that the many of the same feelings were going through the other couples as they renewed their vows. Yes, it was an enchanted evening, that evening as well.