It was a nice day on the lake, but not much was happening. Both brothers Pete and Andy were just in conversation mode, since the fishing was lousy.

The conversation soon led to what was happening in the local news. A lot of scuttlebutt was about this guy, Chris, who was presenting some new and weird ideas, and in so doing, was gathering a following.

Picture of fishing streamSome of the people liked what he was saying, however, he was upsetting some of the powers in the region. Pete and Andy agreed that a lot of the ideas he proposed made sense and they felt people have a right to their opinion.

Their conversation went on for a while. Eventually, Pete says,
“You know, Andy, I would like to meet this guy. He sounds very interesting.” Suddenly, they were interrupted by Chris. It seemed as though he came out of nowhere.
Pete asks him, “Can I help you”?
Chris answers, “How’s the fishing going?”
“Not well at all,” says Andy.
“Mind if I join in your conversation?” asks Chris.
“Not at all,” both Pete and Andy reply.
“Well,” Chris says, ”so you hear it from the horse’s mouth, I am the guy who the people are talking about.”

Chris goes on to tell the brothers what his plans are. Both Pete and Andy are entranced by his words, as well as his calming demeanor.

Chris then asks them, “Why don’t you two join me in this quest? With your help, we can get the message out to a lot more people.”

Both Pete and Andy look at each other, dumfounded, then blurt out, “What the heck? Fishing has been lousy, so why not?”

Later, all three of them run into brothers Jimmy and John, good friends of both Pete and Andy.

Pete says, “Hey guys, listen to what Chris has to say.”

After a lengthy conversation among the group, both Jimmy and John join up with Chris, Andy and Pete. And a lot of good things then begin to happen!

Hey, does this sound familiar? I’ll give you a hint: It’s a tale taken from the Bible. Look it up. (Matthew 4:12-23)  Enjoy!!