Wow! It has been two months since my last confession! Oops, I really meant it has been two months since my last blog. As the saying goes, “time does fly.”

The time was filled with health problems. Both Marie and I had minor injuries in our legs, nothing serious, just time consuming.  Add preparation for the holidays and spending time on my favorite sport, fishing for steelhead, and my plate was full. So I may be a little bit rusty, but here goes with another blog.mercy

I really want to talk about mercy. This year was declared the Year of Mercy by the pope, and it officially closed before the first week of Advent. Does it mean that God’s mercy ceased? Of course not! Nor should it stop with us.

We are now in the beginning of the season of Christmas. Many of us are scouring around and doing our shopping. It started with Black Friday, then Cyber Monday and who knows what is next? This is the season we should show mercy to the people who really need it: the poor, the homeless the shut-ins. That is where Christ really is.

We all have our favorite charities. Some in the Erie area include the Salvation Army, The Upper Room, the Second Harvest Food Bank and the Emmaus Kitchen. I know that deep down, you have a few of your own. When you demonstrate your support for institutions such as these, you are a harbinger of mercy. And as Christ said, “What you do for the least of my brethren, you do for me.” Charity is an act of mercy that not only helps those in need, but also enhances your relationship with our maker.

You know, maybe, just maybe, it is like going to confession. Maybe that little voice inside everyone of us is saying, “Hey, it’s time to think of those in need, you have not done anything for the poor in quite a while, so just do it and receive God’s graces for doing it.”

To bring this home, let me explain what happened to me recently. After a doctor’s appointment, I happened to drive down Peach Street in Erie. I saw the worship space that houses the office and the oasis for those who are destitute. During the winter months especially, this is an absolute haven for the indigent. They can stop in, get out of the cold, pick up clothing and rest their weary bones, have a cup of coffee and have a moment of peace.

Is God among them? You bet he is! I made a donation, left and felt a moment of serenity, knowing I did the right thing. So you see, it is somewhat like confession. You realize you have to perform an act of mercy and once you do, a moment of peace comes over you.

Yes, the Year of Mercy may be over, but is it really?

Alleluia!!  Merry Christmas!! Feliz Navidad!  Buon Natale!!