Maybe it’s my age, maybe it’s what’s going on in the world, maybe it is our clinging to our electronic devices that are subconsciously leading us astray. Perhaps it is the lack of civil content in the TV we watch or some of the trash we hear and see in most of today’s music and dance.  Maybe it is because of a number of these reasons that we seem to be losing our Christian faith, especially among our youth.

I am at a loss.

Why? I converse with our young adults many times. They are bright; they are articulate and seem to know what they want in life. Yet many of them, as well as some of their parents, have little time for faith.

Read the statistics. Churches are closing along with some of their schools. Deep down, I believe they have a place in their hearts for faith, but see no reason to express it outwardly. All they say is, “I can converse with God one-on-one.”

Yet look at the seasons of Easter and Christmas. The churches in most cases are filled to capacity. They are believers!

Let me pause for a second and give you something to chew on. To those who say, “I converse with God in a personal way, I see no reason to go to church,” consider this: Your mom or dad calls and says, “Hey, we have not seen you in months, what is the story, don’t you love us anymore?” Your response is, “Of course I do! I think of both of you every day but I have been very busy.”

They say, “You mean to tell us, you can’t spend time to come and see us? We want to see you and hold you! Is that asking too much? The family misses you.”

That is the way with God. He knows you love him deeeeep down, but he would love to see you at his home, along with your spiritual family. Remember, we are not an island unto ourselves. We are flesh and blood! We feel, we see, we converse and we touch. Isn’t that what the sign of peace is all about?

So I implore you: Visit God, along with your fellow parishioners—your spiritual family—and experience another level of love with God.

How do we get Christians back worshiping in community? That is the dilemma. The clergy can preach, attempting to get us back. But most of the time, they are preaching to the choir. It has to come from within each one of us.

Listen to that deep voice inside of you. That is God calling. He wants to see you at his home.

As I complete this blog entry, isn’t it better to light one candle to dispel the darkness? And in doing so, you may set an example to some of your friends, turning that candle into a raging fire, one candle at a time. My hope is God’s hope. Let us fill our churches again. We have so much to gain personally as well as socially for so little effort. Help me get rid of this befuddlement.

Alleluia!!!   A.M.D.G.