Silence … Silence … Silence … Silence … Sil…………….

During Lent, I always try to do something positive over and above going to Sunday Mass. Let me tell you of an experience I had last week.

I decided to go to the Stations of the Cross. As I entered the church, there were signs asking for silence as well as directing people to the worship space. Once in the worship space, all the attendees were in complete silence for a short period of time. During this period of silence, we are not only preparing ourselves for the service to come, but also preparing the way for God to enter our being.

The service begins. At each station, the presider relates the events to that particular station. Before moving on, both the presider and the attendees say a prayer. When this part of the service is complete, we all proceed in silence to supper.

Supper consists of just a bowl of soup with bread. No one talks, no cell phones are visible. We all are in the moment. The only sound is spiritual music in the background, playing very low. It adds to the spirituality of the moment. The attendees, I believe, are still in a spiritual mode. After the meal we disperse in silence. The service is over.

This is something I believe every person should attempt, regardless of their faith. It is a very spiritual and calming moment. If you cannot make it at your place of worship, what about a room at home or my favorite place: at the lakeside. Many times, I will go to the lake, sit down, close my eyes. I listen to the silence of the surf. My music is the birds that soar overhead.

And then I am in silence, and silence prepares the way for God to enter my being.


Peace … Shalom … Silence … Silence … Sil………..