Years ago there were two nations. One of the nations was pretty much a peace-loving nation. The other was a nation that wanted to overtake the peaceful nation. This was a serious problem for the peaceful nation whose citizens were vastly outnumbered. They were also concerned because the enemy was led by a renowned general named Holf, who was known for his “take no prisoners attitude.” It pretty much left them in a quandary. Not enough troops to do battle—but if they surrendered, it would mean total devastation to their nation. Either way they were doomed.

In the peaceful nation, there was a woman named Judy, who had lost her husband and was in mourning. She was a very beautiful woman who was admired by all, especially the men. They awaited her coming out of mourning so they could pursue her.  Upon hearing about the dilemma the nation faced, she took matters into her own hands. After much prayer, she went to the council and told them of her plan to go to the enemy. Once in the enemy camp she would gain their confidence. Then and only then would she execute her plan. She said to the council, “Do not say a word to the nation until I have completed my plan.” With no other options on the table they said okay.
Judy then dressed up in her finest, enhancing her beauty. She was stunning. Along with her handmaiden, she left the city. When the enemy saw her they were awestruck—not only by her beauty but also by the majestic way she carried herself.

She was escorted to the enemy encampment and along with her handmaiden, was given a tent. Her beauty was the talk of the camp. Word about Judy got to Holf. He invited her to his tent. He had to see this Judy that everyone was so gaga over with his own eyes.

When she accepted the invitation and visited Holf, he was dumbfounded by her beauty. She visited him many times. On the last visit, Holf had devious intentions in mind. During the evening, Holf drank himself into a drunken stupor. He was plastered. Finally he fell asleep. Judy’s time had come to act. While Holf was in a deep sleep, she hacked off his head, placed it in a bag, and along with her handmaiden, snuck out of the camp and back to her own country.

She went to the council and said, “Here is what we are going to do. Place his head on the wall. Place it high so all of Holf’s army can see it. Without the fearful Holf, they will not know what to do.” They did as she commanded. When the enemy troops saw this they were aghast and they scattered in fear. The peaceful nation had won.

Perhaps you have guessed that this is my modern version of the story. If you want all the details, it’s easy: go to the Book of Judith in the Old Testament. Start at chapter eight, verse 32 and continue through chapter 15, verse one. It is a great story. Now a heads up: Judy is Judith and Holf is Holofernes. Now you know the true story.

The lesson for me…respect  women! They are more than an object of beauty. That is a lesson all men can use. When the going gets tough, there is always a Judy to help.